Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Triple Talos with Links

The Deimos is a mean little ship, and is the only way I've been successful with the Triple Talos as a solo fight.  I pulled the Talos tonight on SISI and decided to grab the link ship and see what might be possible.

Since the BC Burners were announced, I've tried and tried to get a Sacri into the fight.  It's my favorite HAC, and it's a tough little bird.  Thank goodness SISI hulls are cheap, because I've thrown quite a few away over the past week or so.

I tweaked my last fit and got stats as close as I could to the Deimos in terms of armor HP repaired per second, resists, and dps.  All stats were lower, but not horribly lower.

With the link ship running (3x Armor links, 1x AB speed, and 1x sig radius), the fight was surprisingly similar to the Deimos.  I still needed to watch transversal, especially while killing the first target.  DPS was a touch lower, so the killing spree took longer, but the speed under AB was a touch faster so overall the undock to redock time was a bit lower.

Would the fight have been better/easier/faster with Links and a Deimos instead?  Sure.  But that wasn't the point.  The Sacri got to come out to play and I didn't send another hull to a premature scrapping.

Oh, and I've officially jinx'd myself.  Two of the 3 Talos dropped faction mods, which no doubt perpetually curses me to never see Serpentis faction mods once the missions are live.

Btw, the Talosi did target my light drones once, but didn't kill any.  The new AI seems to favor focusing damage on you.

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