Friday, April 3, 2015

Change and Happy Fridays

I've been away all week on business.  Unlike last time, the airlines actually cooperated and we got there and back again with very little fuss.  I did have an early wake-up this morning, and my subconscious mind worries about missing my alarm, I started my day at 2:30 am this morning.  After pacing the hotel room a bit, I spent a couple of hours trying to sleep, followed (of course) by a blaring alarm at 4:30 just after I finally drifted off again.

The payoff was an on-time arrival at home (vs. sleeping in for a later flight at the risk of getting caught in the Final-Four, Spring Break, Easter Weekend, foul weather air traffic snarls).  This yielded effectively a 1/2 day off work after the past week's worth of 16 hour days doing presentations and after-meetings with customers.

On the downside, I think I'm getting a head cold, just as I predicted to Sugar.

The blog here was in robo-mode, posting things for me that I wrote over last weekend.  I had my cell phone on me to watch for big EVE drama, but otherwise no recreational internet activity since Sunday night.  I'm looking forward to getting in game and killing some Sansha, but I haven't completely cleared my mind from all the events of this week.

And as I get home and start checking out the blogosphere, I see an article by Sugar about the inevitability of change and another one by Talvorian Dax about changing corporations IRL as well as in game.

The timing of these articles is good and will help me process some office politics that erupted (yet again) while we were at the meeting this week.   I could write about it, but won't - good grief, it's Friday.  All that crud can wait until Monday.  I'm turning off the cell phone and am going to go find some cold medicine and a pile of pillows on the couch.

Happy Friday everyone.

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