Monday, April 13, 2015

Blood Raider Battlecruiser Burners Now on SISI

Happy Monday!

CCP Lebowski announced the following today:
Thanks for all the reports and feedback so far! I've updated the known issues in the op and I'm enabling the blood raiders mission now. Enjoy!

So that makes a Serpentis and Blood Raider.  I suppose that means that Sansha, Angel, and Guristas will follow.  I was kind of hoping for a Drifter Burner before this was all done with.  Maybe the agent should say something like "Abavus Durden! Hurry!  Our officers just entered battle with one of the mysterious Drifter ships.  They were destroyed in the encounter but reported that their target was damaged during the battle. If you hurry, you might catch him.  I'm making this mission optional, but we desperately want to get our hands on that Drifter technology before our competitors do, and I'll pay handsomely for your efforts."

The SISI mission system appears to be bugged, I'm flying to another lvl4 agent to see if I can get ANY offers (appear to be locked out at the moment) ... and yes I'm killing the time by typing.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, the successful Serp mission battle report somehow got put below my Friday notes in the post list.  Not sure what blogger is doing, but it insisted that's where the post belonged.  Scroll down a bit if you want to see how I tackled the Serp Triple Talos.

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