Saturday, April 4, 2015

Help Me Diagnose Fiery Jaguar Death

So, last night I lost a pair of Jaguars to the Single Blood Raider Cruor.

I hadn't pulled the Cruor in a few months.  But, my Minmatar/Projectile skills had come around and decided to try him without my link ship.  I used my previous fit, previous ammo (RF Fusion S).  The only change from my previous run was upgrading the tech1 Burst Aerator rig up to tech2.

I jumped into pocket, did the same strat as previous many attempts.  Normally my shield would fall rapidly but then slow down around 50% and finally settle around 40% about the time the burner was going down.

This time I fell straight through 50%, continued to 30% about the time the target was at half armor.  I was hopeful that it would stabilize there.  But after a brief reprieve, it continued to drop and Jaguar #1 popped.  I wasn't mad, just more of a "huh, well that's interesting."

I cloned the setup from the local market, grabbed the link alt and zipped back in for what I thought would be a dirt simple fight.  The target had repped up shields but was at maybe 20% armor and a smidge of structure gone.  By the time I stripped shields off the target, Jaguar #2 was dead.  That made me blink.  I soaked far less damage, despite having Fleet buffs and links running; it was almost like my tank wasn't working even though I was fit the same way.

I sighed, returned in the Wolf and killed the stupid Cruor without much fuss.

I asked Sugar if she knew of any nerfs to the Jaguar but she (and others in the channel) came away empty.  We recalled some changes to projectiles/ammo, but not sure how they would apply or if they're relevant.

This morning I'm going back through the kills as I'm still really confused why the 2nd Jaguar died so quickly.  I don't recall committing any gross pilot errors (ship was moving, web was applied, and guns were running).

So I ask, kind readers, to please tear my fits apart.  Am I using the wrong ammo?  Bad fit?  Or was the 2nd attempt just a result of a 12 year old combat system showing its age?


  1. No prop mod? Also, does the cruor do EM/Therm or just EM? Might free up a mid. 2nd web? TD?

    Drawing a (very) long bow, in the FF ship balance presentation Fozzie and Rise showed stats on faction frigates and cruisers. Some of them had a lot less usage than others and they were talking about wanting to do some tweaks.

    tl;dr - has the cruor been changed at all?

    1. Cruor does 50%EM / 50% Therm according to the player-made stats sheet. I'd love a 2nd web, actually, but don't think I can give up the tank. I'm curious if I chose the right ammo, though.

      I swear that there was a balance pass for projectile weapons recently, but rereading the Proteus, Tiamat, and Scylla, I don't see them. Last time I pulled the Cruor was probably just before Proteus launched.

      There were rumors of burner buffs in Proteus but it wasn't clear to me if they were really buffs or if it was just a trickle down effect of some subtle launcher nerfs breaking fits. Launcher nerfs of course wouldn't play a role here, but I do feel them in other fights.

      Digging through forum threads, I haven't found any commentary on the Cruor changing (though I admit I didn't read everything), though I also don't see it listed prominently as a Cruor killer anymore.

      The best thing for me to do is to recreate the Jag fit again, rerun it with my normal link ship, and see how it goes. If there's no overall changes, I should finish the fight around 35 to 40% shields. If that happens, I'll write off the first loss to me trying to complete the mission w/o links, and write off the 2nd loss as either pilot error or some buggy combat code due to the half-dead burner.

  2. Phased plasma looks like the best choice given its weaknesses are kin/therm across shield and armor. Therm probably the best overall and certainly if you're not wanting to swap ammo.

    Just comparing eveopedia and in game, cruor speed has increased and there are no bonus traits listed. The pirate faction frigate changes went through a long time ago though, so probably not relevant.

    1. Will take a look. Thanks giving this some thought with me. :)

  3. Figured the 2nd loss out. If you look closely, I got in a hurry and accidentally omitted the Medium Shield Extender II from the fit. Gah!


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