Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BC Burner Thoughts

This will eventually become a post to the official forums.  For now I'll keep it here and maybe edit it as l go.

Thoughts so far:

Serpentis Talos:

  1. Overall, I like the Talos encounter.  The matrix of sentry guns is pretty impressive upon warp-in.  I like shooting at the Talos, it is a good looking hull.  Overall the mission feels special/impressive enough to be included with the other existing burner missions.
  2. The Guristas Worm is my favorite frigate burner, and I really like a "big" burner that has the same kind of brawling feel.  Any excuse to use blasters and hot antimatter....
  3. I don't like the far distances of the Talos mission... the distance, combined with damps, forces you to fly from A to B to C and burn up extra time.  It could be just a little bit smaller and not lose any of its overall feel.
  4. I wish the Talos ships flew a bit quicker, or perhaps varied speed. All three are the same in terms of mechanics and could/should act differently or each have its own flavor. The first is the hardest because of overall DMG inbound and the remainders feel more like cleanup.
  5. I wish the sentry matrix in the Talos encounter did more.  They look cool but are generally ignorable.
Blood Raider Prophecy:
  1. It's an interesting problem to solve - big tank, lots of tracking disruption, web, scram, and nos up close.  However, the initial version I tested didn't have the same "whoa" factor like the Talos sentry matrix.    There needs to be some items in the pocket or something neat to look at.  It doesn't feel as "epic" (forgive the overused term) as the Talos.
  2. I like that the Prophecy seems to adjust its speed.  This is new behavior for a highsec mission and helps keep you on your toes.
  3. Other than variable speed, the mission isn't that much different than Duo of Death or other existing vanilla lvl4's, except with a restricted ship list.  I'm afraid it won't hold up well as it ages unless some adjustments are made.
  4. Increasing the (relatively low) damage could make this much more challenging.
  5. Extending the Nos range could make this mission a real, real bastard.
  6. If you want it to be interesting, change one of the frigs to a hictor/dictor and put a warp bubble at your land-in.  Something you can navigate out of and still escape, vs. some unfair perma-scram.
That's all I have from the dentist's office. Time to get my gums scraped.

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