Sunday, April 12, 2015

Friday Talos Burner Notes

EDIT:  Editing on Sunday for things revealed via the forums and correcting my generalist observations with more precise answers.

More time on SISI last night. Learned a few things and got closer to actually bringing down the evil Taloseses (Talosi?).

Notes in no particular order:

- Best tank seems to be speed tank. I didn't spend a ton of time on it, but any slow tanky fit I threw at it melted quickly.
- Damps are still present. I seemed to burn through at about 45km.
- There are still three Taloses, each worth 5.5M.
- Starting ranges are still very far (175 to 199km). One target will be straight ahead of you. His friends will be 90 deg on left and right.
- No frigate targets anymore. Just the 3 BCs.
- Scram at 24 km from a Talos.
- Sentries still don't seem to do much.
- I was able to approach carefully in an AB fit Phantasm but not deal damage.
- Best runs of the night were in a 100mn AB Gila, but I still managed to only kill one Talos. His friends killed me as I let transversal drop while switching targets. Spiral in carefully or fiery death awaits.
- As before, I was running T2 fits and no link/fleet buffs. I may break that rule next session to see where the edges of the encounter really are.
- Talos targets move very slowly at about 75km.

I still feel rubbish at fitting a big variety of ships. What I know, I know pretty well, but many of the hulls I grabbed I have not flown significantly.

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