Wednesday, April 1, 2015

D3 Season 2

I posted a few days ago that Diablo3 Season 2 was coming to an end, and it was going to be tight to make it to the level cap at our casual pace.

Thanks to an anniversary buff that gave bonus XP and bonus gold, we kicked over our lvl70 characters on Sunday.  Me, as a Wizard and Mrs. Durden as a Crusader.  We both went with aoe builds and our ability to clear rooms was astounding.  I would stand in back and lob meteors while she did the spiral hammer thingy.

I have no idea what I'll play for Season 3, but will probably run it again.  D3 is a game that I can't play constantly, but has enough replay value in the campaign that I don't mind running through it a few times a year.  And playing with the Mrs. a few hours a week has been a good way to goof around.  We used to play EVE together, and then WoW together. Our game interests have diverged significantly in the past 3 years or so.

We got a bonus level near the end that put us into the land of rainbows and unicorns.  The entire texture set looks like it's drawn with crayons and water color, and all the mobs are turned into carebears, flowers, and pink unicorns.  It's a great easter egg, and was the best way to wrap up our campaign.  I tried to take a screenshot, but it eluded me and then I died horrendously to a particularly mean pink bear, so I quit screwing around.

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