Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blood Raider BC Burner is Bested

The first incarnation of the Blood Raider Prophecy is on SISI.

After a lot of trial and error (as I said, I'm no fit wizard), I finally beat him using a Gila.  It wasn't an elegant fight, nor was it a short fight, but I emerged the victor.  I'll post the fit after I've run him some more; there's some room for improvement.

The crux of this fight is dealing a lot of damage and dealing with turret disruption.

- The Proph has a healthy active tank and travels at between 800 and 1200m/s or so.
- Initial distances are about 50km.
- He orbits you at 12-14km, or outside web range.
- He's got two Corpii buddies (frigates) that apply the turret disruptors.
- Proph applies web out to about 14km, and scram to about 22km.
- There is some initial Nos that comes and goes, and seems to happen under 10km.  So if you let him orbit you at his preferred distance, Nos isn't an issue.
- Total bounties of 5.547M isk (I killed the two frigs).

Compared to the Serp mission, there's a lot less going on.  No matrix of turrets, no monster damp ranges, and no teeth smashing crits from 250km away.

And on the plus side, the damage isn't that horrible compared to the Talos encounter.  All of my fits quickly swapped to a single repper.  During testing, I could break contact if I could do about 1400m/s and get out of scram range for a warp out and refit.

The trick is doing credible damage against a relatively fast target while having your eyeballs full of turret disruption.

Solo, you've got a lot of constraints.  With faction webs and a link ship running to boost web range, I think this fight would be a TON easier.

This is the first iteration; I'd expect CCP to adjust as we get further into testing.

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