Monday, April 20, 2015

Random Bits of Burner

I posted my "official" feedback yesterday to the feedback thread.  If you saw my earlier post here, you saw the bulk of it.

I did notice that the Prophecy now pays out 15M isk bounty instead of 5M.  The Talos was 3x5M so it makes sense that the Prophecy should pay 1x15M.

The Prophecy has evolved a little bit since my earlier posts.  He now seems to orbit at 8500m or so instead of 12-14km.  This puts you more at risk for his Nos (although whether he uses it is still hit or miss) but as a trade he is also in range of non-faction webs.   This could make for some more interesting fits and perhaps better application of dps.

I will be tied up for the next few days, so won't have a chance to poke around on SISI.

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