Sunday, April 5, 2015

Battlecruiser Burner Tests, Round 0

Per previous post, Battlecruiser Burners are up on SISI.

I created a fresh SISI client this morning and logged in but was unable to draw one of the new missions.  I did a pretty good job of trashing my normal agent's standing via chain declining before trying Caldari Navy (and angering them too) and am a little afraid to press further fishing for a mission without some clarification.

I'm leaving for Easter Dinner with the inlaws anyway, so I won't be very productive today.

I thought about editing the previous entry but will just re-summarize here for clarity.  Here's what we know so far:

  1. Battlecruisers and smaller past gate.
  2. No tech3 battlecruisers.
  3. NEW:  Faction/Navy BCs appear to count as "Attack Battlecruisers" and therefore SHOULD be allowed in, tho I intend to verify.
  4. NEW:  I don't see Command Ship listed on the allowed ships list posted to reddit, meaning t2 battlecruisers are also verboten, and I'll verify.
  5. NEW:  The BC burner appears to have a 5.5M isk bounty at this time.
  6. NEW:  No word on LP payout, though anything on the test server now would not take into account adjustments from the dynamic payout system.
I've asked Sugar to try to get some guidance from CCP on what the test environment is like - which agents provide the missions or whether all factions are available at this time.  She says in her CSMX weekly post that she's asked.

In the mean time, if anyone draws a mission on SISI, please drop me a line and let me know a) how you got it and b) how the results came out. :)

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