Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday, Quiet Sunday

It's Sunday.  The inlaws have left, three acres are now mowed, and I even got the Corvette out for a Sunday drive.  I'm pretty beat.

I was on travel (again!) through late Thursday.  Against my better judgement I went to work on Friday instead of calling off dead, and then we played host to the inlaws beginning yesterday.  Visit with them was fun, but tiring, and I've had near zero PC time since this time a week ago.

I should login to SISI and kick the doors in on some BC Burners, but instead I'm sitting here stretched out on the couch with the laptop across my legs and a 17 year old cat laying across my belly and arms, happily purring.

Interstellar just started on blue-ray.  I think we'll be movie buddies for the remainder of my Sunday evening.

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