Thursday, May 21, 2015

The War on Personal Assets

The War continues!  The fight against entropy continues.  Selling and melting, and trying to figure out how my assets list got THIS far out of control.  I managed something like 150 jumps last night in a mix of ships, closing down old mission hubs, melting down loot that I can't be bothered to try to sell, and pushing a few things onto the Hek market.

Along the line, I found my stash of Harvesters, Geckos, and the Gnosis.  Cool.  Nothing I really needed, but it's nice to trip over things like that.

Looking at the list, I'm perhaps halfway done, although I suspect my Alt account is almost as bad.

After the past few weeks at work, I'm taking a few days vacation for the Holiday weekend in the US - 5 (five!) whole days off and very few plans.  I did some yard work this morning for therapy, and plan to ride some intervals on the bike tomorrow on the neighborhood hill-valley-hill torture circuit.  Otherwise, I am hoping my weekend is full of beer, steak, and EVE.

(Yes, this is another throwaway post; I'm working on a longer series here but want to get things in order before I publish the first episode).

What's Playing:  A Perfect Circle: Passive

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