Saturday, May 2, 2015

BC Burner Alternatives

I had been using the Gila to kill the new Ashimmu Burner.  As I noted a few posts back, it was kind of a risk - you're betting your hull that the Ashi will continue its lust for drone death, which allows your drones to soak damage for you.  On SISI this worked well, if being somewhat expensive (t2 drones aren't free, you know).  But if the Ashi decided to keep you as primary, or if you somehow ran out of drones, you'd be toast.

Happened back across this forum thread last night.  It's always been my go-to source for Burner info. Jorie McKie has of course done a great job of explaining the new content.  He offers up a fairly straightforward strat to kill the Ashimmu with a Cerberus here.  I like the Gila, but the Cerb is a ship I've always wanted to use but never have (I generally use the Sacri instead).

So now the Cerb is on my to-do list.

He's also got a different Deimos fit for the Talos than what I used; from his description his version is probably a faster kill (higher dps) but looks more aggressive in terms of cap management and tank (single repper).  I've been plenty happy with the dual rep MWD Deimos in terms of killing speed and overall wiggle room in the encounter, though I readily admit my fit isn't min/max'd.

There are some other fits listed:  Vagabond for the Talos.  VNI for the Talos.  I'm posting my Gila fit for the Ashi to get some feedback.

Again, thumbs up to Jorie.

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  1. There was something of a spoiler in the latest HP lore panel. Whether it will be applied to burners (or already is) idk, but it might be something to be aware of.


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