Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Capital Propulsion Engine

So, a few days back I posted about my general malaise (oooh, good word) and wanting to find a better way to interact with the game.

Folks here commented with some great ideas, and I'm looking at how to put some of them into practice.  Plans range from short, to medium, to very long.  The past few days have been very, very good.

But I still needed to kick start SOMETHING, else I'm basically doing a whole lot of thinking and planning and not so much actually doing.

So I started by clearing my lvl4 mission hanger.  It was full of ... crap.  There were so many stacks it literally wouldn't accept any more.  Out of the hanger came about 460M isk worth of sell orders.  When those begin to move, I have another 500M or so to put up, and maybe a 3rd round behind that.  I melted other lesser modules by the stack full.  The results of that went into my Tayra.  Which, by the way, I still call a Badger II, dammit.  I had never owned a Badger II until very recently on a whim, though my wife drove one all over the map back in the day. And across the map I went with my melted space junk, feeling a bit nostalgic.

I set out just wanting to put the raw materials into my factory station, as a way to make my inventory just a touch cleaner.  I got there, merged my new melted space junk with my existing stash, looked at my old stash of BPOs, and realized that I could make some quick isk by building.  All I needed was a touch of trit, zyd, and mega.

I used to build quite a bit.  Ships, mostly, but also capship parts and rigs.  Later, I built capship parts piecemeal as a way to filter my incidental mining content through the factory and add a bit of isk/hr to my mining yield.  More recently I've cashed out loyalty points into ship BPCs and sold off a bunch of Asteros and Stratiosi.

Today I'm a mission runner, tomorrow I may be running FW, but in my core I'm still a space trucker and spaceship builder.  In order to move forward, sometimes you need to look back.  I left my BPO stash in place at my last factory system; I think I'll make something useful from my accumulated crap, sell it, and see what I want to build next.

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