Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Eternal Struggle

Struggling to break old habits and not screw things up can be a real challenge.  Here are some crazy things I do to myself that drive me bonkers:
  • Station inventory.  I still operate (mostly) from a separate CARGO inventory window and STATION inventory, and sometimes a 3rd window for SHIPS.  I'm always opening or closing the wrong window, or trying to drag cargo from the cargo window to the same ship's cargo in another window (instead of the hanger floor).
  • I almost always forget to repair my drones.
  • I (rarely) forget to accept the mission before I undock.
  • I still right click in space to get to my mission beacon instead of using the nice UI in the upper left.
  • I am notorious for buying expensive tech2 rigs without checking the calibration required, installing the most important rig LAST and ripping out the first ones to make room.
  • After an extended break from missions, I almost lost my Golem because I forgot to turn on my active hardeners.  "Omg, why am I taking so much damage?"
  • I'm pretty good at attempting to warp out of pocket at the end of a mission only to realize that my Golem's bastion mode is still running.

I will counter all that idiocy with these tips:
  • CTRL-R reloads all ammo.
  • CTRL-click on a target to lock them.  Works on the overview, for example, to lock down a pocket full of npcs rapidly.
  • (via reddit) You can drag a ship fitting into the Market quickbar. All items are now in a sorted folder, named after the ship fitting, within the quickbar.
  • From many Show Info windows, click on the picture/icon of the item and get the preview window.  Most people know it works for ships, but it also works for most weapons/turrets, and some ammo, like the Scourge Fury Cruise Missile shown in the pic.  If you do it for a turret, it shows any animations involved.

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  1. Shift control click will unlock, practically handy after I keep lock the near debris instead the target.


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