Sunday, May 17, 2015

Angel Cruiser Burner on SISI

So, I got distracted by real life last week, and while I wasn't looking CCP went and added some new content to the test server!

CCP Fozzie on 08-May-15:
There's another set of tweaks coming early next week for the first two medium Burners. The turrets in the Serpentis mission will now work properly and we're toning the range on the Ashimmu down a bit again. 
We're also working on an Angel Cartel mission that should hit SISI before too long.
He clarifies that the turret matrix on the Talos mission will continue to fire once you exit a 10km radius from them.  Previously they activated at 10km and then stopped firing once you got out of 10km.  Looks like now they'll continue to fire.

CCP Fozzie on 11-May-15:
You guys are going to start noticing a new Angel Cartel burner mission on sisi after today's update. The version in this build is definitely too hard, we're still at an early stage of balancing it. So feel free to give it a try if you want, but don't worry we won't release it with this level of difficulty.

If I have time next week, I'll poke on SISI.  Apparently there is a new mirror, and apparently they're going to set it up again so that only the new missions will be offered from agents.

I completed my first Anomic Base (Talos) mission on live last night, and confirm that the new turret matrix behavior is active on the live server.  It added quite a bit of damage, but my Deimos tank held fine.

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