Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More EVE Vegas Speakers Announced

Last Friday (which somehow I missed), a little post went up to announce new speakers for EVE Vegas.

Here's the entire list:

  • CCP Seagull
  • CCP Scarpia
  • CCP Nullarbor 
  • (new) CCP karkur
  • (new) CCP Punkturis
  • (new) CCP Falcon
  • (new) CCP Affinity
  • Mark726 of EVE lore infamy
  • Lychton Kondur of Brave Collective
  • (new) Kira Tsukimoto on how to get involved early in the EVE Community as a rookie
  • (new) Loginius Spear will be presenting a talk on hunting in wormholes
  • (new) Lanctharus Onzo from Cap Stable Podcast

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