Saturday, May 30, 2015

Carnyx Patch Notes

>> Corporate SURVEY is still open.  Just a friendly reminder.


Carnyx patch notes went up yesterday.  I'll grab some points of interest, but read the whole thing; big changes to Sov and module rebalancing (Shield Extenders, Armor Plates, and Sentry Drones in particular).

Burner changes:
  • Burner NPC´s have had their faction standing penalty removed when killing them 
  • Burner NPC now give out a security standing gain when killed.
  • Frequency of Burner Missions offered by level 4 Security agents has been lowered.
I had stopped tracking my burner offers, as they seemed to have stabilized around every 4.5 vanilla lvl4 missions.  Looks like I'll need to fire up the spreadsheet again and find out the new rates.  I suspect the overall lowering is due to the increased number of burner types; perhaps they're shooting to keep it about 1:5 overall?  (Hopefully this isn't a nerf.)

Other misc:
  • Always on the forefront of innovation, Sanctuary have introduced a collection of SKINs for the Astero, Stratios and Nestor. Head to the New Eden Store every Tuesday over June as these are introduced one at a time.
I haven't peeked on SISI at the skins (if they're even available to look at), but the SOE ships are some of my favorites.  I haven't spent any Aurum in quite awhile, but this might do it.  Will be interesting to see where they go with them.  A gloss black Stratios or Nestor could be really cool.

The patch is slated for this coming Tuesday, June 2nd.  Happy patch day!

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