Monday, May 25, 2015

String Theory

A few days back, I put up my Reaching Out post.  I had some great feedback, both here as well as some contacts ingame.  One of the consistent bits of feedback was that I should start an ingame channel to help foster a community of folks like me (semi/fully retired CEOs still bumping along).

Truth be told, I resisted this notion at first, because I'm already fairly active in Sugar Kyle's 'Spoonful of Sugar' channel, and we share a good amount of readers between the two blogs.  (In my blog stats, she is consistently my 2nd or 3rd highest referring site).  To be blunt, I didn't want to appear to be a poacher.

But, where her focus is Lowsec with some FW and PVP, and all-things-CSM, my focus is currently more highsec, PVE, and in particular burners.

After chewing on it a bit, I figured, what the heck.  It's a fairly small thing, and a stepping stone towards bigger and better things to come.

So, new channel STRING THEORY is available in game.

Currently, the MOTD reads this:

---- Welcome to STRING THEORY ----
This is a channel devoted to BURNER MISSIONS, the philosophy of CORPORATION MANAGEMENT, and a mixing/meeting place for NEW CEOs and retired and semi-retired CEOs.
It is an outreach program of PUKIN' DOGS and DOG'S BREATH (
Stop in and say hi. I have no doubt it'll be slow going at the start, but hopefully we can get something off the ground.

What's Playing:  A Perfect Circle, Thirteenth Step, A Stranger


  1. I will join next time I am online

    1. Thanks for stopping in today. Has been great so far to interact with readers I've never otherwise met.


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