Monday, January 5, 2015

Pod and Planet Fiction Results

The Pod and Planet Fiction contest winners were announced yesterday!  I'm surprised and honored to have had my silly little story place 3rd in the humor category.  I'm also even happier to see some other familiar names on the list.

Extra thanks to the judges and donors for making the contest possible, and the time invested in reading and scoring everything.

Here's a copy/paste from the announcement thread:
All stories have been read and scored, and all ties have been broken. Here are your winning stories: 
Grand Prize
Kirith Kodachi, "Borrowed Time" 6 bil ISK 
Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (lore-based)
1st Kazicht Cixit, "Seeing Double" 4.9 bil ISK
2nd Sugar Kyle, "A Conscious Choice" 2.5 bil ISK
2nd Marcus Dreddlin, "The Price of Learning" 2.5 bil ISK
3rd hmnomad / Patrick Lee, "My Father is a Capsuleer" 1.2 bil ISK
3rd Drackarn, "The Wreck" 1.2 bil ISK
3rd Yarrion Yuwen / Grey Y, "Homo Homini Lupus" 1.2 bil ISK
3rd Saul Elsyn / Paul Naughton, "Hope" 1.2 bil ISK 
A Day in the Life (free form)
1st Rhavas, "Unchained" 4.3 bil ISK
2nd Alan Mathison / Doc Kinne, "The Gift" 2.2 bil ISK
2nd Carbon Red, "-blank-" 2.2 bil ISK
3rd Saladiin,"Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command (CONCORD) Secure Commerce Commission v. Wingspan Delivery Services, LLC." 1.1 bil ISK
3rd Brink Albosa, "The Wolf-Rayet" 1.1 bil ISK
3rd DireNecessity, "DireNecessity Antes Up" 1.1 bil ISK 
Other Things Just Make You Swear and Curse (humor)
1st Drackarn, "Angels and Sinners" 2.2 bil ISK
2nd Drackarn, "Artificial Stupidity" 1.2 bil ISK
3rd Abavus Durden, "The Hobgoblin” 600 mil ISK 
Honorable Mention (from all categories)
Sarah Flinnley, "Politics" 330 mil ISK
Saede Riordan, "The Things We Bury" 330 mil ISK
Callista Dalmore, "The Tally" 330 mil ISK
Korsavius, "Crash" 330 mil ISK
Da'iel Zehn, "Crossfire" 330 mil ISK
Brenn Derrington, "Fledgling Phoenix" 330 mil ISK
Korsavius, "Beautiful Cherry Blossoms" 330 mil ISK 
Congratulations writers of winning stories! And congratulations to all of the writers for dreaming up a tale, crafting it into a written narrative, and sharing it with all of us. 

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