Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Am I Happy?

Just to follow up on the previous post, I swapped to another Caldari agent in a 0.5 and will see if the LP conveyor belt is reasonable.  The items available in the LP store are less lucrative, but I'll trade some lost efficiency just to keep a blue sky for a bit.

Anyway, main reason for this post:  I found the following 2 tidbits in the CSM Winter Summit Day 2 minutes.  I had missed them the first time through.
As there was some free time, CCP Fozzie also went over an unrelated plan to add Cruiser-sized burner missions. 
Corbexx also asked about Sleeper burner missions: CCP Bettik responded it's an option if it made sense from the story.

And in the same section:
Sugar Kyle also asked about making some agents that only gave out burner missions or increasing the percentage chance for one to be offered. 
CCP Fozzie had some concerns with them, such as the easy ability to chain them with the correct fittings.

Sounds like Cruiser burners are still in the plans.  I'm glad they haven't been scrapped.  

I was quietly afraid that if participation in burners were low, then CCP would abandon future development, which I think would be a shame.  I don't know how many people I've run into that have said "gosh, I'd love to try burners but never have" or maybe said something like "I punt all the burner offers, guess I should try one."  

I think it would be a shame NOT because I think burners are wonderful and perfect as implemented.  The way they're deployed now, they're a little crude, and a little simplistic.  What they lack in finesse, they make up for in raw harshness.  And don't read that the wrong way: I thoroughly enjoy burners.  

But I think that CCP is capable of a more refined product.  "Alternate mission content" (to coin a phrase) has been something I've advocated since this blog began.  So, I think it would be a shame to abandon additional/different burner types because it's a type of content that will only get better with investment and iteration. When CCP is racking and stacking their priorities, I hope that there's sufficient player interest to keep "alternate mission content" high enough on the list to keep a dev or two assigned.

Separate, but related:  Sugar asked me ingame if I was happy with the Summit.  She caught me by surprise with such a straightforward question; I initially thought "oh crap, is there something I'm /supposed/ to be unhappy about?"  But after rereading some of the minutes, I came back to her with an answer:  Yes, I think I'm happy.  

I mean, I'd love to have hard timelines and roadmaps on all things PVE, but I didn't expect that.  I'd love to have youtube demo-time of the new PVE tools, but I didn't expect that.  I'd love to have a detailed infographic on past, present, and future development of burners, but I certainly didn't expect that.  

I think this summit was perhaps more about big picture stuff.  You can read between the lines and sense that there's some big things on the horizon with sleepers, the supernova, Thera, and the unknown cloaked thingamaboobs, and there's a lot that CCP just won't be able to talk about right now.  As long as PVE/burners/missions are still in the mix with all that, I'm happy.

Make no mistake, there's an element of trust here.  I'm extending trust to CCP that I simply wouldn't have extended in the Incarna era.  These are different times, and I'm hopeful that this is a different CCP.  Time will tell if I'm being naive or not.

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