Monday, January 26, 2015

From Blue to Blue Sky

My old Caldari Navy security agent is in a 0.8.  I returned there after a lengthy (months and years) absence as a sort of homecoming.  I wanted to see if I could get the elusive Enyo burner to spawn, and managed to pull him in the first burner offer.

But something wasn't right.  Something was amiss.  I kept checking my loyalty point accumulation and it seemed so dismal.

I knew that higher security means fewer LP, and I assumed that there was some math behind it that I was too lazy to look up.  I didn't realize how MUCH lower the payout was until the burner spawned.  It's hard to compare mission for mission because the amounts vary so much and the mission list I was getting from CN, while very familiar, was a lot different than my normal SOE fare.

But burners I knew.  I got about 9500 LP for killing him.  I was used to 14k+ from SOE.  About 30% less.  Ouch.

I have a nice looking 0.6 picked out and I'll go there and sniff around.  It's in an area of Caldari-ness that I'm not overly familiar with, so it won't have the same level of nostalgia.  And I guess I'm going to have to move again, though right now I'm hopeful that it will be from Blue Sky to Blue Sky.

But the SOE LP is so very lucrative.  I fear that my future skies may be Red, not Blue.


  1. What is your standing with that agent (versus the SOE agent standing)?

  2. They're both at (or near) 10.0, before skills. I've run a few missions for each of them over the years. :)

    1. Oh lord. I know your pain... believe me....


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