Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Days, I Want To Be a Star Destroyer

The past few nights I've been zipping around The Citadel and Lonetrek, seemingly at random.  Haven't been in the mood to crank lvl4's, so have been playing with a couple of cruiser fits - a Rook and an Eagle.  I'm clearing highsec anoms as quickly as possible and have managed to get a few escalations.  Loot has been bad, I guess, and I'd file these sessions under "really not all that productive" ... but I'm getting to see a lot of my old stomping grounds.  System names pop up and I smile as I remember an old corp op stumble through one of our old headquarters.

But why a Rook and an Eagle?

I wanted to fly the new Moa-family hulls but didn't feel like getting a Gila.  Yes, the Gila is a monster, but the Eagle is a HAC that I've always wanted to like.  It's been overshadowed by HACs that are better at what HACs do.  I've never owned one because there are always "better" hulls.  So I bought one, fit blasters and some other bits out of my hanger, and expected it to be mediocre.

It wasn't mediocre. I'm having a blast.  Sure, I'm just clearing highsec combat anoms, but things die silly fast; I probably ought to fit a sensor booster (the lock times are what is slowing me down).  The hull looks cool, and I'm happy surprised that it works as well as it does.

I've had the Rook for years but had never fit it.  She went with me to our final deployment in Syndicate and sat in the hanger there until last year when I had a freight company bring all my old hulls out.  I sold off enough hulls to pay for the freight and make a tidy profit, but kept the Rook.  With the new Blackbird model and the pending Recon changes, I thought I'd dust her off.  I found that with my skills and a really questionable fit, I could clear a 4/10 escalation.

Is it efficient?  No.
Is it fun?  Plenty.

The alternative is to roll through that same 4/10 in a Drake acting like I'm a star destroyer shooting asteroids.  Splat, thwok, splat.  The Drake fit is really horrible, but it doesn't matter. Ignoring everything, not thinking, just trying to target everything as fast as I can and keep the launchers running.

With the Rook, I need to manage cap, not aggro the entire room, and play a little more cautiously.  It's well outside its comfort zone, but it's do-able.

Some days, I want to be a Star Destroyer.  Some days I want to play with some finesse.  Some days I want to fly a hull that I've never flown before, even if it's the "wrong" hull for the job.

It's nice having options. :)


  1. I run 4/10s in a stratios... keeps you engaged in what you're doing I like to think :P

    1. Yup, sometimes that's the entire point. Doing things you maybe shouldn't just because you can. :)


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