Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gaming Roster

Let's run down my games roster and see where things are going.  I've done this every few months on an old guild website, and it's sometimes interesting to read months/years later.

These are in no particular order, altho I'm saving the best for last. :)

  • WoW:  Mrs. Durden has a subscription active and bought the collector's ed of WoD, but has barely played (ironically, as I proofread this, she went in and fired it up).  Per previous post, I didn't send any more of my money to Anaheim for this title, and don't intend to.  Status:  Done.
  • Diablo3:  I did a run this fall to lvl a character and get the Season 1 rewards.  This was very fun as a single play-through but not compelling enough to keep me grinding for equipment.  I'm reading just now that patch 2.1.2 will bring Season 2 and I'll likely pick another character class and lvl up again, which will be a good distraction for a week or two.  So I guess file this one as not active but pending.
  • Warmachine Tactics:  This is a PC incarnation of the tabletop game.  It's turn-based strategy with fiddley/nuanced combat mechanics (compared to say, Starcraft).  I've fallen behind in my patching and should spend some time here to see what features have been.  Status:  On hiatus but probably next. 
  • GW2:  The game that I miss but can't bring myself to play.  I'm conflicted about this title; every description I come up with is a 2 part sentence with the structure of "GW2 does XYZ really well, BUT they did ABC and screwed it up."  I played at launch and have a couple of good (1-2 month) runs since then.  The game does a pretty good job at look and feel, and I found the original storyline to be pretty good, but falls short in endgame, economy, and crafting.  I wish this had been the WoW-killer but it wasn't meant to be.  I don't think the sporadic short-patch cycle has really done this game any good; I would love to see an expansion announcement instead of getting content in dribs and drabs.  Each patch cycle feels like a race to consume the new content, followed by lots of thumb twiddling.  Status:  Possibly done, but probably not.
  • X-Wing Miniatures:  Not a PC game, but I'll include it in the list as it's a big time waster.  Active game, potentially a huge $$ sink.  Have been spending my free time playing with the mechanics and reliving my youth by making Tie Fighter sounds at the dinner table.
  • EVE:  Active.  Primary game for now and the foreseeable future.   I feel like EVE is in its most playable state that it's ever has been.  There is still some embarrassing unfinished business (Captain's Quarters in particular), but some of these are getting fixed.  When the short-patch cycle was announced, I really wasn't happy because I'd seen it as an overall bad move for GW2 and had a bad taste in my mouth.  But in EVE's case, the short-patch cycle doesn't introduce linear content to be consumed, but instead offers cleaner dirt for the sandbox in the form of fixes, new ship models, quality of life (example: skill queue) and other goodies (burners!).  I'm excited to see where some of the late 2014 patches lead us - Thera, the mystery supernova, active sleepers, etc.  It's a good time to be in the game, and hopefully EVE can keep the momentum going and we can see some increased login numbers in 2015.
I'm probably forgetting a game or two, but there's the list for now.

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