Saturday, January 17, 2015

Patch Panic

Every patch, I have a little panic attack that Burners will somehow change, ships will get nerfed, rats will get buffed, or other ripple effect changes will upset the apple cart of my fit lists.

Based on the stats of this page, many of you are finding me via Google and most of those Google hits are in search of strategies and tips for Burners.  Although the internet as a whole gets tagged "use at your own risk" and there's a constant churn of old/obsolete data, I'd feel a little responsibility if by some inaction or some inattention I somehow led people astray.  The whole point of this mess is to help people, not get them on lossmails.

Right now, based on what I'm seeing on forums, there are two missions I'm worried about:
- Team Jaguar
- Single Serpentis Daredevil

However, I'd like to get everything else verified as well and see where we stand.  There was apparently a nerf to light missile launcher Rate of Fire (RoF) in the fall.  I blatently missed the change.  Missile fits in general may have more trouble with burners than other weapon types.

I did the Team Hawk burner mission last night.  I went into the pocket with a Crow first before risking the faction-fit Garmur.  I found that this mission was unchanged in layout and tactics and was thus still a kite-able fight.

I returned with the Garmur and melted his face.  No overheat, no reloads, no drama.

Now, the Team Hawk is arguably the easiest burner mission and by far the easiest Team burner mission.  So I'm not claiming victory yet.  But it makes me feel better that it was largely unchanged since the last time I'd faced it.

So, I will go into the battle report for that mission and mark it *** VERIFIED PROTEUS JANUARY 2015 ***.

Other missions will get a tag of *** WARNING NOT YET VERIFIED FOR LATEST PATCH ***.

Ok, enough typing. Now I need to go edit all my battle reports. :)

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