Monday, January 19, 2015

Lose focus in this game for one second...

... and somebody gets hurt.

(Title quote courtesy of Ocean's 11).

Remember how I posted about how I liked having a challenge?  Sometimes that leads to dumb behavior and an embarrassing loss.

I'm down one Eagle.  Poor little thing, I barely knew her.

The Eagle fit was great for blapping anoms, but like the Zealot has some trouble killing fast moving frigates at very close range.  There's a "donut of death" around the Eagle - beyond 3km and out to about 16km, everything dies.  Inside 3km there's relative safety as the blasters can't track fast enough.

So here I was in Rogue Drone Harassment, lvl4, which is chock full of webbing and scramming frigate sized enemy.  I decided to take the Eagle as I'd done this mission in the Sacrilege several times, and I haven't moved the Sacri to my Caldari mission hub yet.

But I didn't stop to think that the Sacri has no donut of death; missiles are much more forgiving.  The eagle has no dronebay and I didn't think to fit a web.  Things went well at the start, but then eroded when the first webs landed.  Without the ability to pull enough distance to hit again, I was done.  It was the kind of death you could feel coming, and had no choice but to ride it in.

I only post it because it's ... full disclosure.  Part of doing dumb (but fun) things is having a few dumb (and embarrassing)  losses.  The Eagle will be replaced, and I'll be a little smarter next time I push the limits of lvl4s in small ships.

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