Thursday, January 29, 2015

Unfounded Prediction

I am not following the speculation on what Caroline's Star could be.  I've checked out the cloaked structures, but know very little about the lore of w-space.

I had the thought yesterday that the supernova looked a lot like a new nebula and figured I'd write it down.  The part of space I'm in is sort of between all of the other empires.  Minmatar looks like a large ball of glowing red.  Gallente is a ball of glowing green.  Caldari lights up a large part of the sky in light blue.

Spinning the ship camera around, I realized that the supernova remnant looked rather similar to the Minmatar part of the sky.  And I had this thought:  maybe the supernova is the new marker/nebula for the Jove homeworld.

Maybe the cloaked structures are secret Jove stations that they have been building.

Maybe Jove will finally be a playable race.

I am no doubt entirely and utterly wrong, but thinking back to the early days when Jove were expected to be patched in as new content after launch, a bittervet can dream.


  1. CCP has pretty much stated the Jove are dead, dead, dead. When Caroline's Star exploded, it also apparently took with it almost every stargate in Jove space. It also is the reason for the creation of the 100 new shattered wormholes plus the reason why all the planets in the Thera wormhole system are shattered.

    1. :)

      I know, I know. I can still dream that the Jove generation ship got out, and thus exposed decided to join the rest of the cluster.

      Like I said, a bittervet can dream.


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