Friday, January 16, 2015

Variations on a Theme

Movement to the blue sky zones continues.  Tonight I humped the Nighthawk across the map.  It's mostly a Drake by another name, but different enough to be fun.

In line with the previous post, my approach to lvl4s is to generally use the smallest ship possible for the task.  Some missions, the Golem, N-Apoc, or (rarely) the Rokh is the proper tool.  I like a good Cruise Golem in particular and have not really ever much been a fan of torps.

Some missions call for a more nimble ship, are an opportunity to blitz (Quafe Delivery I'm looking at you) or have a greater concentration of cruisers/BCs and allow you to take the oddball fit out of the hanger.  The dual rep Sacri is a favorite of mine, tho the Drake, Nighthawk, and now the Rook also qualify.

I liked the Nighthawk better when it used the Ferox hull, but the black with red stripes it's still reasonably cool.

I used a  Tengu for awhile.  I've owned two, several years apart.   Sold both.  I'm perhaps the only guy on the planet that isn't smitten with them.  Drake/Nighthawk/Sacri do almost as well and cost a lot less.  Against larger ships, the Golem uses less ammo.

Anyway, the point of this post isn't to tell you the "right" way to run lvl4's.  The point of this is exactly the opposite - we get bogged down in foodfights about what's "best" far too often.

The thing is, every hull is a compromise between:

- Nimbleness/speed
- Tank
- Dps vs. Large targets
- Dps vs. Small targets
- Overall looks and cool factor
- Cost

I fly a lot of hulls because I like to keep things new, try different approaches to the same stale missions.  And some days, I like to see what I can get away with, where the edges of my tank are, and how to punch above my weight class.


  1. I used to love running L4s in an Ishkur... still have it, large rigs included. Not particularly good for the blood pressure though :)

    1. Sounds like fun. The Blaster-Eagle I'm using for anoms fits that category; the next time I see Massive Attack pop, I'm going to use it I think. There are a few ships on my list that I'd like to buy and try, if for no other reason than giggles. I don't have a Paladin. I'd like to own a Black Ops. Rattlesnake. I had a Heretic that I thought was showing promise for hard lvl3s or maybe easy lvl4s, but lost it in a lapse of attention and haven't replaced it.


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