Saturday, December 6, 2014

PVE Discussion Questions

CSM9 Sugar Kyle is hosting a PVE discussion next weekend.  I'll have inlaws in town for a holiday shindig and won't be able to attend.  I thought I'd write out a few questions and point Sugar at them; if she has time, maybe she can work a few of them in.

Just a few questions ... I'll try not to go overboard. :)


  • How well have Burners been Received?  CCP Fozzie gave some initial stats back in an September dev blog; any chance at an update?
  • Are there still plans to expand Burners?  Destroyer burners?  Cruiser burners? Battleship burners?
  • I run a blog that's basically been focused on burner strats and fits.  I get contacted from time to time from folks wanting to try burners but are put off by the apparent jump in difficulty from vanilla lvl4's to burners.  This results in me seeing a lot of folks say "I'll run burners in 6 months when I have the skills."  I happen to like that burners are hard, but are there plans to add another tier?  Frigate fighting is fun and new player retention is good.
  • For example:  any chance at a lvl3 burner equivalent, maybe tuned for tech1 frigs and meta4 fittings?
  • Any update on the PVE tools redo?
  • People seemed to like the lowsec random spawns (tags-4-sec rats, Mordu's bpc drops); how is this going? Are there still a lot of people hunting these spawns down?
  • It seemed like CCP felt the need to apologize for adding PVE content the past few months; how has the response from the playerbase been?  Better than expected? Worse?   (And if it's been positive response ... does that mean that the strategy was effective or does it mean that people were more hungry for PVE than CCP anticipated? Or both?)
I could delve into questions about Incursions and Exploration but that's really out of my knowledge zone, so I'll have to trust someone else will broach those topics.

Thanks to Sugar for arranging this time.  Hopefully I can be available if there's another session.

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