Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Quick notes, no particular order:

  1. I'm not currently active in EVE.  I'm still a paying customer, but for all practical purposes I'm on a hiatus.  I don't see that changing until cooler weather sets in, and until then it is what it is.  I've weathered worse storms and still came back, I expect this will be no different.
  2. I won't be at EVE Vegas.  This isn't related to #1; the decision was made when I was still very active. We had such a great time last year that I'd still love to attend, even if not entirely active in the game.  But, we had 3 potential vacations in the window of a 2 week period and opted to spend our vacation time (and airfare budget) on a different option.  In particular, I owe a particular someone a large adult milkshake at Holstein's (Cosmo) and it pains me to not deliver.
  3. Work is ok, but busy.  Life is generally otherwise pretty okay.  As I've mentioned before, life for the past 12-18mo have been so weirdly stressful that I'm trying to figure out what the new normal is.
  4. I had to give up Overwatch.  It was giving me headaches and I believe was affecting my sleep patterns.  I find that I haven't missed it.
  5. I see PVE in the current conversation.  I haven't delved into the details, but I think in general ANY conversation about PVE is a positive thing.

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