Sunday, December 14, 2014

Random Old Things

Off the top of my head, here are some oddities from the EVE of yesterday.

  • Higher end ores used to spawn in highsec.  I spent the weekend after launch mining Hedberite and Gneiss in Piak/Lonetrek.  I still have the leftovers from that refine in my assets list; refuse to move it.
  • Ores have been redistributed a few times.  We used to mine Omber in Derelik highsec; after the redistro, we mined Kernite instead.  We mined Omber in Niyabainen.
  • There used to be mining belts in Jita.  Agents too.
  • The original market was based on integer values only.  You could only trade in whole isk (1, 4, 5346).  Decimal points (1.99) were added later.
  • Some parts of null didn't have real names at launch, and were instead coded with names like XX-1234 (similar to how Jove regions are named today on the map).  Querious, Delve, and Period Basis were originally named this way, maybe others.  I just googled and couldn't find the original names; that's how long it's been.  I do remember messing around in Fountain, Stain, and Great Wildlands very early; I think they've always had the names they have today.
  • In the days before tech2, I remember cruiser-sized meta4 hybrid guns going for 6M isk each.  At the time, that was a LOT of isk.
  • The original market was seeded by NPCs, i.e. NPCs bought and sold items to jumpstart things. Players would talk about buying ships at "npc price" or on the open market.   I want to say the NPC price of a Raven was 256M isk, but it's been too long for me to remember to be sure. 
  • Battlecruisers weren't in at launch and were added much later.
  • I still think of the Rokh, Abaddon, Mael, and Hyperion as the "new" battleships because they were added long after launch.
  • The Domi used to have a bonus for the number of drones you could control.  With max skills you could field something like 15 drones.  
  • The last day of beta test, CCP gave everyone max skills (see screenshot, above).  I had to work, and the servers were down by the time I got home.  My co-CEO Abbaddon got to party, though.

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