Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apologizing for PVE

Sugar posted her CSM update earlier today, and as I read it on my phone this morning I had to cock my head a bit.  Let me quote and add some emphasis:

At the start of our Term CCP Fozzie told us that he was looking to add a new type of mission. It is one of those things where everyone said "yes please!" On Monday, CCP Seagull released the news and CCP Fozzie followed up with a dev blog about the missions. 
Now, the reaction was not what I expected. I expected that i would sit here and respond to complaints that CCP was working on PvE content. All of the things about it, such as it being skippable, in the regular level fours but not decreasing access to the normal mission pool, and using frigates were supposed to be the defense for them. The idea of giving mission runners something new to try and a reason to try out frigates and fighting styles that are not optimal battleship blitzing seemed amazing.

I find it odd that a game company would find themselves compelled to rationalize/apologize in advance for adding new content, or trying to find ways of reusing existing assets (ships) in new and exciting ways.

I'm sure it's frustrating at times for CCP; they can't seem to make a sandwich for lunch without someone starting a threadnaught to tell them they're doing it wrong.  (OMG! I said NO MAYO! Wtf CCP?  /unsub 57 accounts).

It's just weird, is all, that in a game with fairly poor PVE that the devs would feel so guilty about trying to address some of PVE's issues that they'd let the apology/defense affect the development strategy.

I'm not making a particular accusation for/against CCP or the CSM on this particular addition ... my only point is:  these are strange times we live in.

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