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As Anomic Agents continue to unfold, I will try to keep this page up to date with help and strategies.

First and foremost, this forum thread is a wealth of information.  Use the summary posts at the top to filter through the dialog.  Contained in this thread are many recommended fittings, strategies, etc.

The youtube vids and burner stats spreadsheets are especially helpful if you don't mind the spoilers.

My strategy notes below are intended to give you the flavor of the fight, but read my Battle Reports for more detail.

General Intel & Advice:

  • Burner aggro bounces around your Fleet, seemingly at random (need to confirm).
  • If something goes wrong, you can try to get off grid and reset the fight.  This appears to vary from between 275km and 160km, depending on the mission.
  • Stagger the activation of redundant support modules (hardeners, webs, repairers).  Example:  If you have active hardeners, start one, then halfway through the first's cycle, turn on the 2nd.  This way if you lose cap, you don't lose all your damage resistance at the same time.  It also spreads out the hits to your capacitor.
  • My standard mental checklist to avoid swearing and lost ships:
    • BEFORE Undocking, I check my fit (some gremlin keeps stealing modules out of my ships, I swear), and I double check that I've repaired any overheat damage from last time.  Check for ammo type and amounts and cap boosters, if using.  I also outfit the Link ship if I'm using one.
    • TRAVEL to target system.  Put the link ship somewhere relatively safe (it's EVE, no place is safe, but "on a gate" is dumb).  Be mindful that you're in a thin frigate hull with potentially oodles of yummy faction mods.
    • AT THE WARP GATE I do the following:
      • Activate sensor booster, if present.
      • Activate Links and CONFIRM that I'm getting the bonuses.
      • Check my orbit distance (click on the gate, hover over the orbit button).  You do NOT want to go into a Team Anomic kite fight with a 5km orbit!
      • Activate any active hardeners, staggering per above.
    • WARP IN - Geronimo!
    • WHILE IN WARP I click the modules I want to open with.  Normally that's web and guns. The targeting crosshairs will follow your mouse. I hover over the overview where my target is about to appear on the list.
    • WHEN I LAND, I confirm that I'm out of warp and then click the target.  This gets the targeting cycle started first and guns/web activated as quickly as possible.  Then I click orbit/approach/whatever to get moving.
    • Now it's time to FIGHT.  :)

SINGLE Anomic Agents

I. Single Angel Dramiel
  • My recommended fit is a Vengeance (Battle Report).
  • Strategy notes:  Warp in, set yourself to orbit at 5km, web him down, rocket him in the face.

II. Single Sansha Succubus
  • My recommended fit is a Retribution (Battle Report).
  • A dual-rep Vengeance can perma-tank him but not deal damage, for example if you need to loot your own wreck (it happens).
  • The Retri fit needs off-grid boosters and/or near perfect skills. As of this writing I am successful 2 out of 3 attempts due to burning out modules.  (Edit:  I have now completed with Assault Frigs 5 and the fight is MUCH easier).
  • Strategy notes:  Faction webs mandatory due to distances involved.  Warp in, web and guns active.  Set yourself to approach or orbit at 10km.  Manage overheat.  You need to kill him before your modules burn out.

III. Single Serpentis Daredevil
  • On the 14 January Proteus patch, CCP upgraded this burner. As of Scylla, my Hawk fit works with a link ship, but your results may vary.  You've been warned!
  • OLD FIT:  I used a Hawk (Battle Report).
  • OLD FIT:  Second time around, I used this fit and found it superior (Battle Report #2).
  • Strategy notes:  Warp in, set to approach, target and activate web(s), painter(s), and launchers.  Manage your active tank.  I toggled the shield booster on at about 60% and let it rep back to 95%+ and then toggle off again.  Inject capacitor as required.

IV. Single Guristas Worm
  • He orbits at ~40km under heavy mwd speeds.
  • My recommended fit is the Daredevil (Battle Report 1 and Battle Report 2)
  • Stategy notes:  The setup for this fight is crucial. You need to get under his missile barrage as quickly as possible so that you can do damage and turn the cap-eating mwd off.  Warp in, activate mwd, set yourself to approach.  Target and run under his missile barrage.  Turn web on at ~10km, guns on at ~5km and mwd off at/near zero.  Manage your cap and collect loot.

V.  Single Blood Raider Cruor
  • I've used a Wolf (Battle Report) and a Jaguar (Battle Report).  I thought the Jaguar fight was less stressful and may strip and sell the Wolf.
  • Strategy notes (Wolf):  It's a race between your cargo size (cap boosters) and his tank.  Kill him before you consume all your boosters.
  • Strategy notes (Jaguar):  With the Jag, I needed to fly in a random direction (not orbit or approach) in order to get decent hits.  My shields dropped quickly at first, but slowed down at about 50%.

TEAM Anomic Agents

I.  Team Burner Jaguar
  • Enemy will be flying a Jaguar with 2 logistics frigates.
  • My recommended fit is a Garmur setup for kite fighting (Battle Report).
  • Set orbit distance to 35km, load Navy Mjolnir to start.
  • If Jag closes on you, you are DEAD.
  • Upon landing on grid, activate your afterburner, orbit the Jag. Target the nearest logistics ship.  Overheat high rack to speed the fight up.  Kill 2nd logi, switch ammo to Navy Scourge and finish off the Jag.

II.  Team Burner Enyo

  • Enemy will be flying an Enyo with 2 logistics frigates.
  • Like the others, my recommended fit is a Garmur set for kite fighting (Battle Report).
  • Use Navy Nova missiles throughout.
  • See tips above for the Jaguar or other typical advice.  
  • I ran a link ship with a bonus to target painter range; I'm not sure if this fight is currently do-able without the painter bonus.

III.  Team Burner Vengeance
  • Enemy will be flying a Vengeance with 2 logistics frigates.
  • My recommended fit is a Garmur setup for kite fighting (Battle Report).  
  • Note that this is NOT a solo kill, but instead relies on a dual box setup with an AF for fire support.  See the Mortar Team Fit for a cheap alt character fit.
  • Set orbit distance to 30/35km, load Navy Nova to start.  Finish the Vengeance with Navy Inferno.
  • Ensure that all parties in your group fly faster than 800m/s.  If Veng closes on you, you are DEAD.
  • Upon landing on grid, activate your afterburner, orbit the Vengeance.  Target the nearest logistics ship.  Once orbit is stable, bring in the rest of your gang.  Kill both logis, switch ammo to Navy Inferno and finish the fight.

IV.  Team Burner Hawk
  • Enemy will be flying a Hawk with 2 logistics frigates (Bantams).
  • Enemy speed is approx 830m/s.  All group members need to be above this speed to safely kite.
  • Same fitting and strat as the Jaguar above, except use Navy Mjolnir the entire fight.
  • This is the easiest Team Burner that I've done.  Without overheat, I killed all 3 ships with 40 salvos of light missiles (i.e. I did not reload).

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