Friday, December 12, 2014

Naming Conventions

Friday post.  How do you name your ships?

I've had basically the same naming convention for each of my characters for ... ever.  For two of them, that means since launch.

Abavus - One active scheme and two retired.  Original scheme was named for songs or lyrics or a movie reference that I thought was cool at the time (circa 2003).  Schism. Lateralus. Bladrunner. Some of them didn't age as well as I thought it would.

There was a brief span of months where a few of us farmed a static hacking site before they were nerfed (skill books would drop randomly that were worth 100M to 140M each... was possibly for us to pull 300-600M out of the site each night, per player).  This gameplay was grindy, and I remarked that it effectively amounted to crab fishing - running around checking the "crab pots"(hacking cans) every cycle.  I still own the ships Cornelia Marie (Malediction) and Northwestern (Rokh) after the crab ships on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

The most prominent naming scheme I have are ships after bosses from the Diablo and WoW franchises.  My first crow (at tech2 launch) was Diablo... I still have Diablo III sitting in a hanger somewhere (like his namesake, the Diablo I and Diablo II Crows met untimely demises).   Ultimately I put some "rules" to these naming schemes.  Generally WoW Raid bosses for battleships and higher, preferebly from Classic or Wrath.  Smaller ships got names from 5-mans or D3.

So today I own ships like:

  • Sapphiron the Golem
  • Grand Widow Faerlina the Navy Apoc
  • Baron Geddon the Impel
  • Lucifron the Prorator
  • Paletress the Basilisk
  • Azmodan the Sacriledge
  • Eck the Ferocious the Corax
  • Magmadar the Chimera
  • Chromaggus the Phoenix
  • and until recently: Xevozz the Heretic (rest in peace).

Alt M - From very early on, this alt got names from the Matrix movies.  Trinity, Morpheus, Zion, etc.   She owns fewer ships, so this more limited list tends to work.  The Oracle the Orca is where she spends a lot of time.

Oddly enough, she's never had a ship named Neo.

Alt Z - My Incursion alt shares ships with Abavus, so she's mostly in Ebonroc the Navy Megathron.

These 'rules' aren't ironclad - my Burner mission ships tend to get very functional names like "Tank" and "Kiter."  I have a few ships that have never earned a name besides "Abavus Durden's XYZ."  But for a ship that I expect to keep around for awhile, I give a name.

Anyway, a silly little post.  Happy Friday.

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  1. I decided to try to make my ship names be as in-character as possible. On my Caldari monk character, since he's trying to find enlightenment through testing himself in all areas of Eve, his ship names tend to try to be Zen-like, but related to the activity the ship is used for. I wasn't sure how long I'd be able to keep it up, but I found that trying to come up with names that fit the general rule(s) I'd established became a rather fun exercise.


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