Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Anomic Agent Statistics IV - December

Happy New Years' EVE everyone!

It's the end of another month, so I'll continue with my series of Anomic Agent Statistic posts.

I'll be honest, I haven't run many agent missions in the past 2 weeks.  The week before Christmas, I was messing around with Highsec Combat Anomalies in the Zealot.  For the past week, I've been smitten with the X-Wing tabletop miniatures game that Santa brought me.  I may devote a full post to X-Wing later, but suffice to say that I am an old-skool Star Wars nerd, strategic space combat is really appealing to me, and the miniatures appear very well done.

Anyway, in December:

  • I improved my overall success rate again to 84.6% (as in, I accepted and completed the mission).
  • I have a 10.3% overall decline rate (as in, I was a pansy and didn't accept the mission).
  • Failure rate has dropped from 10.0% to only 6.7% overall (failure defined as I accepted the mission, got my teeth kicked in, and then punted the mission).

Overall Success/Fail/Decline Rates

Cumulative Anomic Count

I've now been offered 39 total Anomic agent missions.  The breakdown is 27 Solo Anomic Agents, and 12 Team Anomic Agents.

I have defeated all of the Solo burners.

I have faced and defeated all of the Team Burners except the Enyo.  Still no Enyo.

The offer ratio of Vanilla lvl4's to Anomics has improved this month from 6.0:1 (Oct) to 5.1:1 (Nov) to 4.6:1 (Dec).  This means that I am pulling Anomics more often.

No additional ship losses.  I have lost 5 total ships due to Anomic agents:  2x Vengeance, 2x Daredevil, and 1x Retribution.  Total loss value of killmails is 255M isk, (355M total, minus the ~100M isk of recovered faction/t2 from the Retribution).

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