Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quick Post

Quick post.  Will bounce around a bit:

1) Fanfest is over.  I'm looking forward to seeing Sugar's notes from the PVE session.  I'm not expecting anything major or we'd have heard about it by now, but is always nice to dig through the details.

2) My lowsec alt is shaping up fine.  I spent some time with him last night, moving things around and making sure I wasn't missing any major skills.  If I were around more, I'd be blizing around Molden Heath, though I really do need to pick an area of the map to settle in.  As it is, he's sitting on the floor in a lowsec schoolhouse with books scattered around him, training this, training that.  He's now CovOps capable and is humping on some scanning/probing skills.

3) The Season 2 of Diablo 3 (ouch, those numbers make my brain hurt) is ending April 5th.  This season was MUCH shorter than S1 and I'm kind of caught by surprise.  I'd been casually playing a co-op campaign with Mrs. Durden and now we need to speed through the last 15 or so levels before the season ends.  It's not that it's impossible - I could start a new character this afternoon and still make the lvl cap cutoff.  It's more of a priorities and gameplay allocation problem than any lvling mechanics of D3.  Simply: at our current pace, we won't make it, so there goes some dedicated game time away from EVE.  Drat.

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