Sunday, March 29, 2015

50th Burner Offer

After a few weeks away from mission content, I started knocking a few heads together this weekend.  Yesterday I completed my 50th Burner mission offer, a Team Hawk effort.

I haven't posted stats the past couple months, mostly because the overall numbers/rates haven't changed dramatically ... and because I've been lazy. :)

Of those 50 Burner offers, I've completed 43 - the others were 5 declines and 2 outright failures early on.

I yield about 14.2k LP per burner.  For the completed Burners alone (not including the 174 vanilla lvl4's I've done to yield all those Burners), I've yielded something like 610k LP.  If I can yield 1200 isk/lp (and sometimes I don't, but often I do MUCH better), that's 732M isk from Burner LP.  Add another ~430M for Burner bounties (about 10M for reward plus bounty where I live), and I am net positive by a healthy amount, despite my initial losses in ships.

Now, this is spread over many months since burners were introduced.  But my point is this:  if you're looking at return-on-investment for buying up some faction ships and shiny modules, Burners do pay off.  If your reason for not doing Burners is based out of the idea that the costs are too high, check your math.

They aren't risk-free.  You'll likely lose some ships.  But you'll learn some things about ship fitting (I did) and combat mechanics like affects of sig radius and speed (I did).  But you'll make some isk, and probably have some fun too.

Now quit declining those Burner offers and go crack some skulls.  :)


  1. Just getting started and pulled the Cruor solo burner as my first mission, lost my daredevil to it and now I'm back to school, tweaking and improving skills, but I want to know, would a missile boat be able to keep the range and kite him to death?

    1. Aha, the Cruor. He was my personal bogeyman for many weeks. I also lost a Daredevil to him (as well as a pair of Vengeances). That sad tale of destruction is captured here:

      The Daredevil is going to be a challenging fight; I felt that it was do-able but I was horrible at cap boosting, missed a cap cycle and died. Since then, I waited for AF 5 skill to finish and have used a Wolf and Jaguar for the Cruor. With good skills and a link ship, running, the Jaguar is very very simple; it's a passive shield fit and requires no cap to maintain. You simply keep your guns running and wear him down.

      To your main question about kiting - I kite the Team missions but have not tried that tactic for the Solo burners. On my Anomic Agent info tab, there is a link to the official forums. Near the top of the first post is a link to a google docs table of stats. If I'm reading it correctly, if you stay above 1800m/s and outside of 14km, you should be able to kite him. It's an interesting thought, but I've not personally tried it.

      Interested to know how you do. Post back here or send me an evemail in game.


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