Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bug Hunting - Seeking the Seekers II

Back with another post.

Upon my return from chores, the Sacri and I found CS pretty quickly back at the Jove Outpost.  There were 7 total of them, and I picked a fight.

The Sacri soaked damage like a champ.  I killed a total of 7 CS and the group began to respawn while I was fighting (it seemed to be a group of 2 and another group of 5).  Damage for the group seemed to be about like an easier grade level 4 pocket.  Damage dealing with the PVE fit was slow but steady.  I'd likely have done better with a web, but I grabbed what I had handy.

After the 7th CS died, I was getting a little bored and decided to see how the new AI worked.  So I warped to an Ice Anom pocket (and probably annoyed the ice miner locals).  Five of the 7 CS followed me, reasonably quickly, and we had another fight.  After killing the 8th CS, I warped to a gate and it took a little longer, but the CS followed.  Warped to a belt and they followed.  Warped back to the gate, they eventually followed.  Unlike our initial encounter, the bugs were now aggressive - I was apparently now on their KOS list.  :)

I killed a 9th CS and switched systems.

As I type, I'm orbiting my home station to see if they'll track me down.

For my trouble, I got zero bounties, but did loot 4x Antikythera Element (seemed pretty consistent every-other wreck for about 50% drop rate).  I didn't salvage, though next time I'll install a salvager.

For now I'll put the strange materials in my hanger and hope the mystery compound doesn't kill The Damsel or my posse of Exotic Dancers.

(minutes pass)...  Has now been almost 20 minutes, I guess the bugs got bored too.  Time to dock up and go put shoes on so I can get some Fajitas!

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