Tuesday, March 24, 2015

EVE Vegas, Baby

October sounds so far away.

We talked about going to FanFest this year, but couldn't make it work with vacation schedules and money.  My backup plan for the past many months is to go to EVE Vegas.  A business trip in early December that had me routed through Vegas cemented the idea of going back to the area for a long weekend.

I've been watching for the EVE Vegas tickets to go up, and was actually talking to Mrs. Durden about it yesterday.  Lo and behold, there was a sneaky little dev blog released 2 days ago when I wasn't looking that announced tickets on sale.

Being slow on the uptake cost me a few bucks, as the early bird tix are all sold out already.  Grr.

But here's the reason for the post:  Eventbrite has officially notified me that WE ARE GOING TO EVE VEGAS.  (woot).

Now my compulsive planning disorder will make me figure out the hotel accommodations and the rest.


  1. Its east to just book at planet Hollywood under the rate discount. We will be staying across the street this year enjoying my husband's Marriott points at Aria.

    1. Yah, shortly after posting this I took advantage of the group rate and did the PH for Fri-Mon just for convenience. We may extend the trip on the front end by a day or two and stay somewhere else, then move to PH. Plenty of time to figure that out, will look more carefully when we settle on flights.

  2. Don't feel bad about paying the extra, I got home from work six hours after the announcement and still had to pay the not so early bird rate... :\

    1. Thanks, that does make me feel somewhat better.

      Several years back, we fought to go to Blizzcon. First year, we kind of stumbled into the signup and decided to go on a whim. From memory tickets sold out in a few days. Second year the madness started - huge demand, crashed servers, mad people, and near instant sellouts every time more tickets were made available. Somehow in all my fussing I managed to get an order to go through and we landed tickets. I spent an hour on Visa sorting out multiple charge attempts and another 2 hrs on the phone with Blizz to confirm that we actually HAD tickets before we paid for airfare.

      So, compared to all that? This is NOT stressful. :)


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