Thursday, March 19, 2015

CSM X Members and Scylla Patch Notes

Congrats to the members of CSMX, as reported by EN24 and TAGN.

  • Manfred Sideous - Pandemic Legion
  • Cagali Cagali - Brave Collective
  • Sort Dragon - DARKNESS.
  • Jayne Fillion - Sanctuary of Shadows
  • Steve Ronuken - Fuzzwork Enterprises
  • Chance Ravinne - WINGSPAN Delivery Services
  • Gorga - Nulli Secunda
  • corebloodbrothers - The Volition Cult
  • Thoric Frosthammer - Get Off My Lawn
  • Sugar Kyle - Snuffed Out
  • Endie - Goonswarm Federation
  • Mike Azaria - The Scope
  • corbexx - No Holes Barred
  • Sion Kumitomo - Goonswarm Federation
It looks like Manfred and Sugar (both bolded here for emphasis) secured enough votes to be the guaranteed travelers next year to Icelandic shindigs.

All four of my endorsements (Sugar Kyle, corbexx, Mike Azariah, and Jayne Fillion) made the cut, so I am reasonably happy!  Good luck to all of them.

EDIT:  If you want an overview of the FanFest keynote, check out the summary at (which is the successor to Massively).

The Scylla patch notes are now available.  I've done a quick scan for Anomic content and found only one correction of a typeo (meh).  Otherwise I don't see much groundshaking changes in terms of PVE and agents.  That being said, there is some content being added to the "Opportunities" system, which is the new player experience experiment.  I suppose that this framework could be expanded in time to include more content for legacy players, perhaps in the same dynamic way as suggested in my last post.

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