Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hooray for Daylight Savings

It's Daylight Savings clock changing day here in the U.S.  No idea if it's a worldwide clock changing day or not, but I got up, walked to my cell phone and realized I'd lost an hour.  Such a silly tradition.

A few things:
- There are a few days left to vote for CSMX if you somehow haven't.  Most of you have probably already run to the polls and done your thing.  If not, this link will take you there.

- I'm reading the Sov dev blogs again.  I'm not a Sov guy, so I'm keeping my opinions to myself.  It's going to be interesting to watch, at least from a game-philosophy-standpoint how things shake down.

- Mrs. Durden humored me and played a pretty good game of X-Wing miniatures (tabletop) on Friday night.  It's not her thing, but she'll play me once a week or so just to get me to shut up.  At the moment I'm testing a tournament list (squad roster) and trying to practice my maneuvering before I go to the local game store for nerd fun.  I'm proud to say that my wife kicks my ass most of the time; my win ratio is less than 50% at the moment.

The weather finally broke, so I've got stuff to do outside.  Enjoy your 23 hour day!


  1. No, it's only a US thing doing it this early (oh and Canada, too, because we just couldn't possibly be different from the US even though one of our provinces doesn't even do daylight savings and their economy hasn't fallen apart).

    I love having the extra hour of sleep in the Fall, but despise losing an hour in Spring. Seeing as how this was something invented during the Great War, maybe it's time we did away with it?

    1. Yah, I'd be all for abolishing it. Hawaii and Nevada have the right idea.


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