Monday, March 30, 2015

Bug Hunting - Seeking the Seekers III

Last night I was finishing up an AE4 in the same system with the Jove Observation Post and decided to see if the CS were still home.  I was in the Golem, and I wanted to try the bigger ship against them.  I also wanted to salvage a few and see what kinds of crazy things they were made from.

Fight was pretty standard, I could still have used a web or two as the CS orbit at over 1km/s.  Against my volleys of cruise missiles, they were a little tougher to take down than a lvl4 NPC HAC (think: ~220k+ bounty).  They were hitting me for pretty good damage (100 to 200 per volley, each) but again, shields dropped at about the same rate as full pocket aggro in a good lvl4.  I didn't have to bastion and at no time was I in any great danger.  I did align to a gate in the event something surprising happened, but otherwise things went smoothly.

I ended up killing 3 CS.  They seemed to respawn after a short delay so I almost always had a full squad on me.  Got two more Antikythera Element.  Salvage yielded nothing exotic; all three had positive salvage results but all went into my existing pile of salvage mats from the AE4.

It's been fun to roam around and do things with content and not knowing with certainty what the result was going to be.  Putzing around in the system taunting the CS, in many ways, reminded me of my very earliest days in EVE when we still explored each moon, each belt, and each planet looking for untold fortunes.

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