Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bug Hunting - Seeking the Seekers

It's time to go bug hunting.  Each patch seems to be adding more layers to the Seeker/Drifter lore.  I'd kind of like to get in on the ground floor of such changes, and looking back at the past few weeks I'm a little disappointed with myself that I didn't tackle this sooner.

It's time to kill some Seekers.

And no, not that Seeker.  I'm talking about Circadian Seekers.

Like any good internet nerd, I first googled for fits of what other folks are using to hunt the bugs.  Google failed me - results were basically just a repeat of the in-game news and general griping about how CS didn't drop loot.

I did find this page that gave some stats, but have no idea if it's accurate or not.  If true, the damage from CS aren't that bad.  I was warned that CS have an 11km orbit and like to fly at about 1km/s.  So I either need something with good web range or something quick.  And I really had no idea how much damage the bugs would put out, so I really wasn't wanting to risk one of my front line ships just for dorking around.

So, it was time to fit a ship with the full intention of not coming home.  What to pick?

Round 1 - Caracal.  Why?  I wanted something Tech1 for cost, and I haven't flown this hull in ages.  I went with a passive tank, HAM setup.  Why?  I haven't flown HAMs in forever either.

I found a Jove Observation post with 4x CS present.  Approached my first target, applied web, and started the fight.  I killed one CS but then had to abort.  Damage wasn't high but the passive tank wasn't holding nearly well enough to stick around.  The dead CS appeared to instantly respawn, and I got no loot.

No webs, nos, or warp disruption, so I went to get my trusty Sacri before the CS disappeared.  It was only one jump away and I went as quick as I could.

Alas, when I returned, they were gone.  I warped around a bit, checked dscan, but couldn't locate them.  I had chores to do, so this chapter ends in a draw.

Things I learned:
1. Bugs can be killed.
2. Damage isn't horribad, apparently compared to the Drifter Doomsday.

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