Thursday, March 26, 2015

Feeding the Animals

This made me laugh out loud at the keyboard.  From a post over at MassivelyOP:
At EVE Fanfest 2015, CCP took the story one step further with a trailer ... showing Drifter battleships harvesting capsuleer corpses and using them to rebuild their own bodies. Now players have discovered that this is actually happening in-game; If you die in a system with Circadian Seekers or eject a corpse into space, the body will be picked up and taken for processing. 
I read this and I exlaimed to myself:  THIS IS AWESOME! I HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS!  Like any good spaceship lunatic, I have a few corpses in the virtual freezer.  What better use for them than to feed the Jove?

And then I thought....  We had a stray cat once.  We fed him, so he stuck around.  We named him Frank.

What could possibly be the end result of feeding */this/* animal?  Only good things, I'm sure. :)

I read part of this article and explained this train of thought to Mrs. Durden, and we agreed that the classic rules from Gremlins ought to apply:

  • Don't get him wet.
  • Don't expose him to direct sunlight.
  • Never, ever feed him after midnight.

This is just the beginning of the fun, I'm sure.

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