Saturday, October 4, 2014


As I type, I'm headed back to Amarr to fit out another Daredevil.

So far, the Burner score is 2 successful, 2 punts, and 1 on deck.

At last report, I was messing around with the Gurista mission.  I found some successful tank fits, but in the end caved to conformity and bought a Daredevil for some blaster fighting.  This resulted in 2 attempts - first entry resulted in a successful abort, I screwed up my approach and decided to abort while I still had plenty of cap.  The second entry with the Daredevil resulted in me getting Mr. Gurista to ~40% shields before I mysteriously burned out my mwd and web.  (I swear the overheat rack icon was OFF, but the client decided otherwise).  I still might have gotten out, but I retreated in a bad direction and didn't get off grid before I ran out of Navy Cap Boosters.

It was one of those slow deaths you could smell coming, can't help but just sit at the keyboard and ride it out.

The fit was good, tank was strong, but somehow I still got my teeth kicked in.

After that, I just needed to shoot stuff.  So I punted the Gurista and pulled Dread Pirate Scarlet.  Lots of bounties, some decent loot, and the bonus implant for killing Scarlet a pocket early.  It was nice to see green numbers in my transaction history for a change.

At this point, I realized I'm basically earning enough from lvl4s to offset my ship losses (total of 4 frigates consumed by fiery death, for something like 250M, plus another 250M or so that's sitting in my hangers waiting for future use).

I don't like treading water, but I feel like I ought to pursue the challenges I've been whining about.

The burner offers are coming faster for me. This time, after 3 successful lvl4s, Mr. Gurista (single burner) is giving me a chance at redemption.  This will be the tiebreaker.  I'm using the same fit as before, and will be more vigilant on the overheat.

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