Thursday, October 30, 2014


If you hadn't seen already, the CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes are out.

I haven't finished reading them - busy afternoon at work, hehe.  They are lengthy but are worth your time.

I thought this quote was interesting, based on some of the data I'd been gathering and reporting here:
Moving on, CCP Fozzie talked about the four new burner missions in Oceanus. "The burners have been  cutting a swath through new eden, you saw the graphs." Mike Azariah complained about the lack of a  graph comparing the number of graphs in the blog to other graphs. CCP Fozzie noted that the most  expensive loss was 2.1 billion isk, and that almost all of the most expensive losses were people who simply tried to omni-tank. Mynnna commented that it makes perfect sense from someone who doesn't read the mission text, because it's not necessary in L4s - an omni-tank is just fine. "I don't think I even have hardeners on my Vargur."
Mike asked what the chances of getting a burner mission was. Fozzie explained that it's the same chance as any other mission - burner missions are just another option in the pool. They do want to add still more in the future, though Fozzie explained they'll be dropping the chances of each burner mission appearing to a fraction of the normal mission rate, so that the odds of getting any burner mission won't double outright.

And this one struck a chord with me.  Topic was Veteran Player Retention.  It pretty much sums up how I feel right now (bold underline added for emphasis):
Sugar Kyle - I think the improved health is showing through. The complaints are changing. The things that bother people are changing. And that is why they are desiring newer things because they are not desiring very basic changes in the same way.

The recipe for Steve Ronuken's bolognese sauce was a very nice easter egg.

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