Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anomic Agent #13 - First Serpentis Kill

 - 15 JANUARY - 

Ding dong, the Serpentis Witch is Dead.

Finally, something I can use with my Hawk!

I initially tried the fit that I'd used for the Worm Experiments, swapping only Light Missiles for Rocket Launchers and upgrading the shield hardener to t2.  Tank was solid with an off grid booster, but I couldn't deal dps effectively to a small/fast target and decided to meander off grid for a different setup.  After 10 minutes, I'd traveled only a little ways and decided just to logoffski and wait out the aggro timer.  Upon logging back in, I found my ship to be at 37% structure.

Apparently when you go offline, you lose gang bonuses while your ship is of course still on grid.  Oops! Thank heavens for the Damage Control in low giving me some structure resists.

Reading forums resulted in finding 2 Hawk Fits (first, and second).  I emulated a little bit of each.  With gang boosts and an enemy orbit range of 11km, I can get away with the meta4 web instead of expensive faction webs and avoid overheating the mids; your mileage may vary.

[Hawk, Serpentis Burner]
Empty Low slot
Ballistic Control System II 
Medium Shield Booster II
Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Kinetic Deflection Amplifier II 
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Empty High slot
Small Bay Loading Accelerator II
Small Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer II
Caldari Navy Scourge Rocket
Navy Cap Booster 400

Battle Report:  Warp in, set to approach, and target the Serpentis Schmoe.  Apply web, painter, and launchers.  Your job now is to manage your tank and keep the launchers running.  I was doing steady damage, but decided to overheat highs after the launchers reloaded the first time.  I ran the heat damage up to 81% and then backed off.  This certainly broke the enemy's tank, but I lost ground again in the next reload cycle.

For tanking, I was toggling the Medium Shield Booster at about 60% shields and back off when full.  With my skills and off grid booster, I would be back to 95%+ in 3-4 regen cycles.  When cap got low, I'd cycle the Cap Booster.  Usually I had several seconds between the reload cycle finishing and needing more.

Next time this mission comes up, I may dump the painter and go with double webs.  Ideally I'd put something back into the empty low slot, too.  

Last note:  I didn't go through very many Cap Boosters (6 or 7?) thanks to toggling the Shield Booster II off and on, but I did burn through ~700 rockets.  If I hadn't overheated, I maybe would have run out and died before I could have gotten off grid.  Bring extras.

PS:  Loot sucked.

What's Playing:  Foo Fighters, Miracle (Live David Letterman)

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