Monday, February 2, 2015

Vengeance on the Team Vengeance

I'm writing this on Sunday, but will delay the post until Monday AM.  

The random number generator gods are being more kind, and I've seen more offers in for burners in the past 8 hrs than I have in the past 3 weeks (give or take).

I pulled the Team Vengeance this afternoon and got settled in to tackle it.  This is the one burner that I dual box.  I send Aba in with the Garmur and I send my primary alt in with a Kestrel for dps support.  In the past I've called this Kestrel fit the Mortar Team.

I had always meant to see if two Mortar Teams could down the Vengeance.  It seemed plausible, at least without specifically running any numbers.  I had some time today so I cloned the Mortar Team, handed it to Aba and the pair of Kestrels set out to take on burnerville.

Bad news first:  Dps was too low to crack the first logi.  I fiddled with overheat a bit, but eventually saw the writing on the wall and hopped back for the Garmur.  The Garmur is a beast and the Vengeance died without significant effort.

Next step is to change both Mortar Teams out to T2 rigs and see where that gets us.  I'd like to find a reasonable alternative to the mega-isk Garmur.

What's playing:  Star Wars Rebels on DisneyXD.

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