Friday, February 6, 2015

Depth of Endurance

Non-EVE content.

I follow the Surly (bike company) factory blog.  I own one of their bikes and love it.  They seem like an eccentric but fun group of guys (and gals) and generally spin a good yarn in their posts.

One write-up in particular that I look forward to every year is the report on the Arrowhead 135.

It's a 135mi bike race*.  In January.  In northern Minnesota.

Read that again and ponder the implications.  People do crazy things in the name of fun.

Anyway, this years' article has appeared, so here's a link to it.  I thump my chest and say that I do Triathlons, but the things I have done are nowhere near the depth of endurance and tolerance for discomfort as this. /salute.

*Actually, you can bike, run, or (assuming there's snow) ski the course.

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