Sunday, February 22, 2015

Changing Tempo

When the new unlimited skill queues were added to the game, I did what I think everyone did and loaded up all my characters with a big crazy wish list, and then let it run.

I go back into Aba's from time to time and optimize and re-prioritize, but for the most part it's been a hands-off part of the game.  (Whether that's a good or bad thing could be a whole 'nother post).

For my primary alt (that I call 'M' here), the skill queue consisted mostly of things that will be useful in supporting burners.   She has a great foundation in engineering and navigation, plus perfect squad boost skills, but was missing some of the basic frigate combat skills.  Over the past many weeks, that's been corrected, and she's now on par with Aba for most burner-sized things.

Around Christmas, I made another pass at her queue.  The idea was to try to get ahead of the game and position her to assist with Cruiser-sized burners, should they ever be added.  The good news is:  I think she's nearly done - she was already strong in HAC and BC skills and the combat support skills for frigates of course translate up the list.  February has been about making some minor adjustments.  Her skill queue ends on the 28th, and as I was looking through things last night I realized that she might be "good enough" to let sit idle awhile.

And that means I can get back to training up my lowsec alt on that account for some lowsec shenanigans.  I had him on yesterday running (of all things) courier missions in low.  Was pretty fun slipping in and around the Saturday afternoon roam fleets; I expected to land on a camp at every gate (I should be more careful, but was betting on speed and a disposable ship rather than discretion).  So it's time to fire up his queue again; he's a few days away from interceptors, and then a few more days for cloaks and then it's the long soak for recons.  Should be pretty fun.

From there, I'm actually thinking about doing lowsec PI on him, but I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant on whether that's a good idea or not.

This is all a little silly; I could do all of these things with characters I already have.  But a) I like building characters, it's an aspect that fades a bit with time in EVE and b) I like having guys pre-positioned to save travel times.

What's Playing:  TOOL, Aenima

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